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View details for Web of Science ID During the winters of and , anomalously warm temperatures in western North America and anomalously cool temperatures in eastern North America resulted in substantial human and environmental impacts. Although our analysis is focused on one particular region, our analysis framework is generally transferable to the physical conditions shaping different types of extreme events around the globe.

The ocean surface boundary layer mediates air-sea exchange. In the classical paradigm and in current climate models, its turbulence is driven by atmospheric forcing. Observations at a 1-kilometer-wide front within the Kuroshio Current indicate that the rate of energy dissipation within the boundary layer is enhanced by one to two orders of magnitude, suggesting that the front, rather than the atmospheric forcing, supplied the energy for the turbulence. The data quantitatively support the hypothesis that winds aligned with the frontal velocity catalyzed a release of energy from the front to the turbulence.

The resulting boundary layer is stratified in contrast to the classically well-mixed layer. These effects will be strongest at the intense fronts found in the Kuroshio Current, the Gulf Stream, and the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, all of which are key players in the climate system.

View details for PubMedID McGillicuddy et al. Reports, 18 May , p. For example, Michael Mann , a Fellow of the AGU and lead author of the original " hockey stick graph " study, faced a legal demand to turn over his private emails from Kenneth Cuccinelli II , at the time the attorney general of the state of Virginia, a conservative Republican who argues that there is no persuasive evidence that human activity is warming the planet. The court rejected Cuccinelli's demand. In , the AGU accepted gifts, grants and pledges from individuals and corporations.

The policy covers subjects such as advertorials and member surveys. It requires that partnerships contribute to AGU's mission, vision and goals and that the AGU "apply vetting to ascertain that partners are not engaged in false misinterpretations of science. The sponsorship of AGU by ExxonMobil became a source of concern for many members after evidence surfaced that ExxonMobil had known about climate change for decades but had actively worked to undermine climate science.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nonprofit organization of geophysicists. Tax ID no. Executive Director , Chief Executive Officer. Employees Volunteers Main category: American Geophysical Union academic journals. Main article: American Geophysical Union v. Main article: List of presidents of the American Geophysical Union. Reid — Henry S. Heck — Richard M. Field — Walter C. Lowdermilk — Leason H. Macelwane — Maurice Ewing — Lloyd V.

Berkner — Thomas F. Malone — George P. Woollard — William C. Ackermann — Helmut Landsberg — Homer E. Newell, Jr.

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Abelson — Frank Press — Arthur E. Maxwell — Allan V. Cox — John T. Drake — Peter S. Eagleson — Don L. Anderson — Brent Dalrymple — Ralph J. Dickenson — John A. See also: ExxonMobil climate change controversy. Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union. Bibcode : EOSTr.. American Geophysical Union.

December 31, Accessed on April 13, American Association for the Advancement of Science. Retrieved 22 November Retrieved January Bulletin of the National Research Council. Bibcode : TrAGU National Academies. Government of the District of Columbia. Archived from the original on 6 June Retrieved 10 October In Rothenberg, Marc ed. History of Science in the United States.

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Daily Camera. Retrieved 25 November International Union of Radio Science. Archived from the original on Retrieved 11 October American Meteorological Society. AAG Newsletter. Westberry Y. Shi H. Behrenfeld L.

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Sensitivity of tidewater glaciers to submarine melting governed by plume locations Tom R. Cowton Joe A. Todd Douglas I. Energy transport by whistler waves around dipolarizing flux bundles Xu Zhang V. Angelopoulos A. McCarthy A. Guyot A. Protat A. Dowdy H. Yukutake Y. Abe R. The Arctic oscillation signature in the wintertime geopotential height and temperature fields David W.

Thompson John M.

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The Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation and its relation to rainfall and river flows in the continental U. David B. Enfield Alberto M. Radar interferogram filtering for geophysical applications Richard M.

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Goldstein Charles L. Effect of recent revisions to the geomagnetic reversal time scale on estimates of current plate motions Charles DeMets Richard G. Gordon Donald F.

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Francis Stephen J. The gravity recovery and climate experiment: Mission overview and early results B. Tapley S. Bettadpur M. Watkins C. A generalized approach to parameterizing convection combining ensemble and data assimilation techniques Georg A.

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How unusual is the — California drought? Daniel Griffin Kevin J. Numerical and experimental investigations of the effective thermal conductivity of snow N. Calonne F. Flin S. Morin B.

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