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…a cockatiel, tortoise, box turtle & their girl.

Functionally, these snack bags are great. The bulk food bags make replacing plastic containers insanely easy. The window also works for jotting down bin numbers on them at the grocery store. One lucky reader is going to receive their choice of either a set of snack bags OR a set of bulk food bags! Closes October 19th at 8pm MST. Open to Canadian and US readers.

About Amanda Amanda Robinson is the eco-chic, green living, fitness loving mom behind Natural Mommie. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I have a question about bread. It has 15 grams of protein, 8 net carbs and 8 grams of fat per slice. Is there a way to work a slice of this bread into a few meals? This page was a Godsend! Not a cleanse that requires any special purchases. Your body will detox when you cut out sugar sugar though, and sometimes that can mean a few days of irritability and headaches. Thank you for taking the time to share these hints and thoughts.

I will continue to try and am bookmarking your post here. You are a good at explaining and motivating! Sometimes I feel kinda out of the loop since I am an older mama…. Ive been so completely overwhelmed trying to figure everything out and when to eat E meals and S meals, my husband and I are on day 3 and im pretty sure we havent been doing it perfect but well get there!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us! I have lost I would like to have a program on THM with my weight loss group. Would you be able to send the THM in a nutshell for me to share at our group? Thanks Mary.

Do you have any idea if you subscribe to the on line membership if all the recipes from their recipe books are on line? I own their first cookbook but not the new one.

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What do you do if you severe reactions to artificial sweeteners? The chuffin pre made mix makes me sick. The blended sweeteners give me horrible stomach problems and headaches. Plz excuse me as I am reaching straight to the point. My qs being, I do not c milk in this plan, but almond , coconut etc. I bought the original book a few years ago and was so overwhelmed, I put it away.

Now, I want to try it, so I bought all the books, but am still concerned about a few things. At the Passover, they ate bread, meat, vegetables and wine together. What can you use instead? Reddi whip contains all sorts of junk including carrageenan and diglycerides. Serene is a Purist meaning she would never use any of the above, she buys pastured raw cheese and loves to use healthy ingredients like boabab, spirulina, and turmeric.

Both of these types are welcomed on THM with open arms. Buy sprouted or Eikhorn variety. Most sprouted bread, which is on plan, has sprouted wheat in it. If you have a different opinion, again, go for it!

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  6. Again up to you. There are plenty of great DIY mixes available. Sugar they are both refined, processed products. I will not deny erithritol and xylitol are controversial. I have read up on them and feel they are a better choice to sugar. Oat fiber serves a completely different purpose than whole oats. Oat fiber makes a great low carb flour for S and FP. Oats are used on plan in E meals 6 Milk is high in sugars and not the best for weight loss.

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    Keifer is closer to yogurt and is packed with probiotics. Raw whole milk can be a good special treat once closer to goal weight. THMers use plenty of cream in rich S meals but cream contains too much fat to be used in an E in most cases so if you really wanted whipped topping with your E dessert a small squirt of fat free reddiwhip is allowed for Drive Thru Sue types. Purists never have to use it. It might seem to be the first week or 2 but soon it becomes second nature. THM is a very flexible eating plan. Hope this helps someone out there reading this blog God bless!

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    Your answer to that long question did help me. I am trying to heal my body from autoimmune disease. Please God let this work. I want to be healthy! I need to get the book. I think THM is a great lifestyle plan; however, I am allergic to dairy.

    Mommie, May I Have A Syrup Sandwich? Phyllis N. Williams

    THM is really dairy heavy. How can one do the plan if allergic to dairy? What can be substituted?

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    I am confused about snacks. Yo said you have an E snack, but does it have to be 3 hours after an S meal? Or visa versa? Would you be able to tell me what DF stands for in the cookbook? They will say to use either protein or integral collagen, but if you use integral collagen then it becomes DF. Hi, This was very helpful. I would like to be on your newsletter list, but the Subscribe places Do Not Work! I also tried messaging you from your Facebook page, but have not had a reply.

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