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If you press the wood into the saw, you will break your blade and.

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Most scrollers agree than the cleanest, straightest cuts are done by pressing down firmly with one hand, and less-firmly with the other hand letting the 2nd hand do the turning. Generally speaking, go faster on thin wood like MDF or plywood, and slow on hardwoods like oak. Finishing your masterpiece. Peel the painters tape off and take some grit sandpaper to the top and bottom to remove any burrs. Finish it with a few coats of spray laquer, sanding gently between coats, and you should be good to go! As far as woodworking goes, scroll saws are generally pretty safe, despite your fingers being very close to the blade.

Heck, I even let me 8 year old scroll saw with supervision, of course.

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Getting used to your new scroll will take some time. Like I said earlier, they are easy to use but difficult to master.


All new hobbies have a learning curve. If you have trouble getting started, refer back this post or comment below and I can help you out. Learning to scroll saw is a great hobby to get into. Ongoing costs of scrollsawing are also minimal. MDF and birch plywood can easily be found at your local bix box retailer, or heck, you can even use leftover scrap wood from other projects.

Plus, you get to make awesome gifts for friends and family and really wow them with your newly found skills! Start out with simple scroll saw projects like a silhouette of an animal. Or better yet, make something that interests you. Your email address will not be published. Are you interested in learning to scroll saw? Scroll Saw What is a Scroll Saw?

Once the wood hits the blade, follow the outline of the pattern until your design is cut out. Scroll saws can be used for all sorts of wooden projects! Take a look at the image below. Believe it or not, every piece of that image was hand cut on a scroll saw. ScrollSawScribbler Scroll saws can also be used for: Intricate wood projects Circles, zig zags, or degree cuts Mitered edges Dovetail joints Awkward angles Fretwork Intarsia projects interior cuts Household projects wooden letters, puzzles, toys, wall art, holiday decorations.

They are easy to learn but difficult to master, which makes them perfect for people of all ages! The tilt lock knob not labeled , is a knob that lets you adjust the table.

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This allows you to make miter cuts using very small pieces of wood. The blade guard guards your fingers from the blade. The variable speed dial lets you adjust how fast or slow the blade reciprocates. The blade tension knob lets you adjust the tension on your blade. Everytime you replace a blade, you will need to tighten the blade tension. The dust blower blows dust away from your work surface. This comes in handy when sawdust begins to build up on your pattern.

The blade clamps are used to lock the blade in place. You will find two clamps — one on the top of the table connected to the arm, and one on the bottom. The throat not labeled refers to the distance between the blade and back of the scroll saw.

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Speed Most modern scroll saws come with variable speed dials. Arm Type There are 3 kinds of scroll saw arms: A C-arm, a parallel arm, and a double parallel link. Parallel Arm: Most common. Two arms run parallel to each other with a blade attached the ends. This is the safest type of scroll saw, because if a blade breaks — the top arm will swing out of the way and stop instantly. This kind of arm has a single pivot point at the end of the arm. If the blade breaks with a C arm type, the top will continue to reciprocate up and down until you kill the power.

Double Parallel Link Arm: This is the latest development among scroll saw arm types. It sports two parallel arms that convert motion at the tips instead of the entire unit, resulting in less vibration. Throat Length The throat length is calculated as the distance between the blade and the back of the scroll saw.

Blade-Changing Feature This is arguably one of the most important features to look out for: the ability to change blades quickly and easily. Specifically, look at how the blade is mounted. Blade Tensioning Knob Another thing to look out for is the location of the blade tensioning knob. Other Important Features A few other things you should look into are weight, vibration, accessories, availability of replacement parts, the ability to tilt, and whether or not it comes with a stand. Choosing the Best Scroll Saw Blades To get started with your first scroll saw project, ask yourself these 2 questions: What type of project am I going to make?

Will I be using thick or thin wood? In general, there are seven types of scroll saw blades available on the market: Styles of Scroll Saw Blades Standard tooth blade Basic blades with all teeth the same distance apart.

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Skip tooth blade Blade with every other tooth missing. Great for beginners, but cutting is a little slower. Double tooth blade A skip-tooth blade with a large gap between two sets of teeth. Reverse tooth blade Just like a skip tooth blade, except the last few teeth on the bottom face upwards. Spiral blades Blades with teeth on all sides. Crown tooth blades Newest type of blade in which every 2nd tooth is pointed in the opposite direction.

Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? I hope not. Quick Note: When installing blades, make sure your teeth always face downwards! Types of Scroll Saw Blades There are two types of scroll saw blades: Plain or flat end , and p in-end. Pin End These blades are much thicker than unpinned blades and produce a much rougher cut.

Scroll Saw Safety As far as woodworking goes, scroll saws are generally pretty safe, despite your fingers being very close to the blade.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when scroll sawing: Start out of the slowest speeds, and start your cuts on on a corner instead of a straight line. Purchase high quality blades. They are probably the single most important thing you can do to improve your projects. Press both hands firmly on the wood, but let one hand do the bulk of the moving. Never force the wood through the blade. Keep fingers to the side of the blade, never in front of. Scroll saw blades are made out of stamped metal. During the stamping process, it puts additional pressure on one side of the blade the right side.

This means that naturally your cuts will veer to the right. Plan accordingly and compensate by angling cuts to the left. Always wear your safety equipment, especially safety goggles and a dust mask.